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"My History Timeline"

by A+ Homeschooling is a great resource to help you jumpstart your timeline history notebooks!


Why a Timeline?



What is the purpose of having a timeline? History study is all encompassing. No matter what subjects interest you, art, inventions, sewing, gardening, cooking, Legos; you can study the history of it. Having a timeline helps you keep track of what things were happening at the same time. You can base all of your studying around a history timeline if you wish.


If you are just starting out with using notebooks in homeschooling, a timeline is a great first project. It is fairly easy to implement and doesn't have to be extremely creative. If you buy our timeline, it is versatile. If you want to change how you arrange your timeline or how you add things to it after a while, you simply print new pages and start a new book. Keep the old one for memories.

START YOUNG Sample page from our son's timeline

I recommend starting a child with their own timeline notebook somewhere around 3rd to 4th grade.

Our timeline is a reproducible set of pages ready for you to print out on cardstock or other paper for your children. This timeline is specially made to put in notebook form.

Here are the advantages to our product:

1. Fast. Pay and download to your computer. No postage costs; no waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

2. Economical. Reproducible for each of your children.

3. Flexible. Use in a 3 R Binder with or without page protectors or bind into a book at a copy shop when "finished".

4. Encourages drawing and artwork for the children. Can trace or draw pictures from books you are reading onto paper then glue onto the pages. Or you may use reproducible timeline figures.

The timeline comes with a few pages of tips/ideas on how to use, put together, what books are good starters, etc. I recommend Miller Pads and Paper for buying your cardstock for printing the pages, but you can also buy it at any office supply store.

We've lowered the price to $4.95!

Here's one of our children's hand-drawn timeline cover page. 

Our daughter's timeline notebook cover

Feedback on our ebook from customers,

"It looks really good! And you can print it out on any type of paper..."

"I've been planning to do a family book of the centuries and I think your pages will finally get me going on that!"

By purchasing our product you agree to the following license agreement: This document is a copyrighted document and only to be copied for use by the purchaser's immediate family living in the same household. This is not for resale or trade or sharing. By purchasing the document from A+ Homeschooling, you agree to these terms. For any other use, please contact us.